About Us


Giuliana Rojas

I'm 39 and am Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Lima in 2002. Since childhood I am adventurous traveler. This passion has led me in various ways in and out of Peru, which have given me the experience to recommend a package tailored to each client.

Dany Vásquez

I am 44 years old and Pachamama guide who taught me to transmit the message of our ancestors. I take care to explore new routes and train our staff.

Since 2007 we started the project Santu and our family has grown since then and now have two children, Illaku 12 years old and Asiri 8 years old.


We specialize in unconventional tourism, expeditions and trekkings to the Peruvian Andes, rural vivencial tourism and adventure sports. What we aim for is that our clients obtain a true connection with nature.


Santu Tour Operator is an company that works hand by hand with environmental awareness: being respectful towards the different ecosystems and the people who live in them and ¶making social and ecological works for the protection of the environment.


Be a Tour Operator offering customized service, explaining Peruvian history focusing on the Inca culture, approaching an astrological, mystical, anthropological and archaeological point of view, to be able to arrive together with our clients to logical conclusions.


Our goal is to provide our clients the best service and a great variety of routes and exclusive products, which is why we are constantly exploring new routes and working with the BEST qualified staff.


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