Travel Tips


1. Tourist Visas

2. Hour

3. Languages

4. Money and payment form

5. Tipping

6. Banks

7. Money Exchange

8. Electric Energy

9. Health

10. Comunications

11. Loss or theft

12. Prohibiciones

Here are some tips and recommendations to make the most of our destinations:

1. Tourist Visas:


You do not need visa to enter Peru, citizens of countries of Western Europe, Asia, North or South America, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa, but passport is required daily.

A visa is required for visitors from India and Fiji. To obtain the tourist visa, a valid passport, two color photographs, an application form, flight ticket out of Peru, a proof of economic solvency and pay a set cost.

The maximum permitted length of stay is 90 days.

To stay for delays or for other purposes (residence, study, research, work, etc..) Obtain the appropriate visa at the consulates in Peru.

About Peruvian embassies and consulates abroad


2. Horario (-5h. GMT) 

Lima Nueva York Buenos Aires Santiago México D.E. Londres Berlín París Tokio Sydney
12:00h 12:00h 14:00h 13:00h 11:00h 17:00h 18:00h 18:00h 02:00h * 03:00h *

(*) Del día siguiente.

3. Languages:


Its official languages are Spanish (80% of the population), the Quechua (Andean or sierra) and Aymara (altiplano area of Puno). In addition, there are about 50 native languages.

It is possible to communicate in English with people who serve as tour guides, staff travel and lodging establishments three, four and five stars.


4. Currency and payment form:


The official currency of Peru is the Nuevo Sol (S /.) The U.S. dollar is accepted in some shops, restaurants and service stations at the current exchange rate.
You can change foreign currency (U.S. $ and €) in hotels, banks and authorized exchange houses.
The hours for most banks and exchange houses are Monday through Friday from 9 am 6 PM and Saturday until noon.
In the country's major cities have ATMs that accept different types of card.
Credit cards are widely accepted American Express, VISA, Diners and MasterCard. Using travelers checks is limited, so they recommend the establishment if they are accepted before you buy or consume.


5. Tipping:

The amount of tips is variable and depends on their satisfaction with the service we provide. Is considered adequate by 10% of the bill.

6. Banks:

The hours for most banks and exchange houses are Monday through Friday from 9 am 6 PM and Saturday until noon.

7. Monery EnchangeCambio de Dinero:

You can change foreign currency (U.S. $ and €) in hotels, banks and authorized exchange houses.

8. Electric Power:

220 volts. Most hotels offer four and five star power of 110 volts.

9. Salud:


Health conditions in Peru are generally good. Care at clinics and hospitals are adequate, especially in Lima and the main cities.


It is recommended to take protection measures against mosquito bites to prevent, among other diseases, yellow fever (vaccination) and malaria (repellent and medicine). Consult your doctor before traveling.
The yellow fever vaccine is required for travel to cities in the jungle and must be administered until 10 days before your trip, if not valid.
To avoid altitude sickness or altitude sickness, it is recommended to rise gradually due to acclimatization, resting on the first day of arrival, eat light meals, drink plenty of fluids and take the hand of lemon candy. If you have heart, check with your doctor.
To prevent gastrointestinal infections is advisable to be careful with raw foods. Drink bottled or previously boiled water and avoid eating food at food stalls in the street.


10. Comunicaciones:

1) Telephony:


Calls to Peru:
Lima: 00 51 + 1 + phone number
Cusco: 00 51 + 84 + phone number


- Public phones accept coins and phone cards that are sold in kiosks and supermarkets. Verify that you are buying the card from the phone company to use. You can make collect calls from some public booths.
- For information on phone numbers dial 103 (service in Castilian).


2) Internet:


- Public Internet booths in major cities.
- Wireless Internet service in most four and five star hotels and shopping malls.


11. Loss or theft:

Contact the Tourist Police in each city.

Jr. Moore 268, Magdalena del Mar
Tel: (01) 460-1060 / 460-0965

Calle Saphi s/n
Tel: (084) 24-9654

12. Prohibitions:


It is prohibited to photograph airports, military bases, places near high tension towers and police stations. In some churches, cathedrals and museums it is prohibited to take photographs or film. Inquire in advance.


Peruvian law prohibiting and penalizing the extraction, transport, marketing and export of any species of wild flora or fauna, whether living or dead, if you do not have authorization from INRENA.
Peruvian law prohibiting and penalizing the sale and export of original pieces of cultural heritage of the nation (ceramics, textiles, metal items and other objects of archaeological or historical - artistic). However, replicas may lead to certification with the National Institute of Culture-INC.


Ministerio de Perú Sitio Web Dircetur Cusco Portal Portal Peru Info Productos Munay Energia que trasciende Quellqa

Telfs: (5184) 24-1140 (51) 98467-2579 RPM:*276681 Nextel: 51*425*4339

Calle Garcilazo 265 oficina 8 (segundo piso), Cusco - Perú. E-mail: